NWS Specific Area Message Encoding (SAME)

NWR Specific Area Message Encoding (SAME) provides in a digital form at specific, timely information on the nature and location of a threat to the safety of those most immediately at risk from severe weather or other hazards. Its greatest value is to significantly improve the automatic selection and distribution of messages about events that threaten people and/or property

The main purpose of SAME is to facilitate entry of critical information into the National Emergency Alert System (EAS). The SAME six digit identification format allows listeners and EAS participants to filter NWR broadcast of warnings and emergency alerts to receive for subsequent action only messages and information for their selected geographic areas. SAME is used to activate the EAS and to activate specific SAME capable NWR receivers. This format allows listeners and EAS participants to reduce the number of perceived "false" warnings and number of unwanted notifications received in unaffected localities within a large/regional alert or warning broadcast area (warnings and alerts that are outside the receiver's selected area(s) of concern or that do not match the listener's selected SAME geographic area(s), message, event and/or information type codes programmed into the receiver). An additional application of SAME includes automatic system turn "on". This application is a measured criteria in Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) "Public Alert" certified NWR receivers.

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