Close of the Net

“This is__________ (call sign) Net Control for SKYWARN in contact with the Lead Forecaster at the National Weather Service in Sterling, Virginia.”

“On behalf of the National Weather Service and the SKYWARN program, we would like to thank the WA4TSC Bluemont Repeater Group for the use of their system and the amateur community for giving SKYWARN traffic priority and for participating in SKYWARN severe weather nets.”


(Read this ONLY if the SKYWARN Activation has ran simultaneously with the NVTN)

“We would also like to thank the Northern VA Traffic Net which normally meets on this repeater each evening at 7:30pm for closely coordinating its activities with the SKYWARN Net.”

“Please pass all further severe weather reports directly to the National Weather Service by telephone. The severe weather hotline telephone number is 1-800-253-7091. This telephone number is only to be used to report severe weather.”

The DTMF code is now entered into the repeater by the Coordinator or Repeater Control Operator to turn off the SKYWARN Net Mode.

“The SKYWARN Amateur Radio Net is now secured at_______________ (time) and the repeater is returned to normal service. This is _________ (call sign), clear the frequency.